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Global Feldspar Market - 2019-2026

Global Feldspar Market Overview Feldspar is a group of rock minerals that distinguished by the presence of aluminum and silicate as the main mineral. Other than aluminum silicate, the other elements of feldspar include soda, potassium, or lime. Feldspars are vital components for building stones. Also, The term feldspar encompasses a whole range of materials. Most of the products used on a daily basis are made with feldspars such as glass for protection, glass for drinking, fiberglass for insulation, the floor tiles and shower basins in bathrooms, and the tableware. The global feldspar market was worth USD XX billion in 2017 and is forecasted to reach USD XX billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period (2018-2025). Global Feldspar Market– Market Dynamics The increasing product demand by ceramic and glass industries in the emerging nations is anticipated to propel the market in the coming years. In ceramic and glass production, feldspar is mostly used as a flux, to lower the melting temperature when added to the glass or ceramic products. These factors are expected to drive the feldspar market over the forecast timeline. Further, the ongoing development and advancement in the construction industry in the United States, especially in residential and commercial sectors, is a key factor that is likely to drive the feldspar market in the coming years. However, volatile logistics and mining costs might hamper the feldspar market over the estimated period. Global Feldspar Market– Segmentation Analysis By End Use, the global feldspar market is segmented into glass, ceramics, fillers, and others. Glass industry dominates the market owing to its alumina content which provides workability, hardness, strength, and makes glass more resistant to chemicals. Also, Feldspar is used in the manufacture of glass products (70%), in ceramic and other products (30%), according to the survey conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). In increasing application of feldspar in the glass industry involves solar glass in the production of solar panels which propel the market growth in the coming years. Further, Glass, including beverage containers, plate glass, and fiberglass insulation for housing and building construction, continued to be the leading end use of feldspar in the United States. Global Feldspar Market – Geographical Analysis Geographically, the global feldspar market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. North America dominates the market in terms of domestic production and its sales. According to U.S. Geological Survey, in 2017 domestic production and sales of feldspar in the United States is increased by more than 10% and the average unit value of sales decreased by 3% from those of 2016. Further, U.S. feldspar production in 2017 had an estimated value of USD 35.4 million. The three leading companies mined and processed about 75% of production; four other companies supplied the rest. The Producing States in the United States were North Carolina, Virginia, California, Idaho, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, in descending order of estimated tonnage. Global Feldspar Market– Competitive Analysis Major players present in the global feldspar market include I-Minerals Inc., The Quartz Corporation, LB MINERALS, Ltd., Imerys, Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH, Sun Minerals Inc., Sibelco, Micronized Group, Reade International Corp., and Micronized South Africa Limited. Why purchase the report? • Visualize the composition of the global feldspar market products across each indication, in terms of type, and end-use highlighting the critical commercial assets and players. • Identify commercial opportunities in feldspar products market by analyzing trends and co-development deals. • Excel data sheet with thousands of data points of the feldspar products levels 4/5 segmentation. • PDF report with the most relevant analysis cogently put together after exhaustive qualitative interviews and in-depth market study. • Product mapping in excel for the essential feldspar products of all major market players. Target Audience • Raw Material Suppliers/ Buyers • Product Suppliers/ Buyers • Industry Investors/Investment Bankers • Education & Research Institutes • Research Professionals • Emerging Companies • Manufacturers

1. Global Feldspar Market– Methodology and Scope 1.1. Research Methodology 1.2. Scope of the Report 2. Global Feldspar Market–Trends 2.1. Key Trends & Developments 3. Global Feldspar Market– Industry Analysis 3.1. Market Drivers 3.2. Market Restraints 3.3. Competitive Intensity- Porter 5 Forces 4. Global Feldspar Market– By Type 4.1. Plagioclase Feldspar 4.2. K-Feldspar 5. Global Feldspar Market– By End-Use 5.1. Glass Industry 5.2. Ceramics Industry 5.3. Fillers 5.4. Others 6. Global Feldspar Market– By Geography 6.1. North America 6.1.1. The US 6.1.2. Canada 6.1.3. Mexico 6.2. South America 6.2.1. Brazil 6.2.2. Argentina 6.2.3. Rest of South America 6.3. Europe 6.3.1. Russia 6.3.2. France 6.3.3. Germany 6.3.4. United Kingdom 6.3.5. Rest of Europe 6.4. Asia-Pacific 6.4.1. China 6.4.2. Japan 6.4.3. India 6.4.4. Australia 6.4.5. Rest of Asia-Pacific 6.5. Middle East and Africa 7. Global Feldspar Market– Competitor Landscape 7.1. Competitor Analysis 7.2. Key Strategies adopted by Manufacturers 8. Global Feldspar Market– Company Profiles 8.1. I-Minerals Inc. 8.2. The Quartz Corporation 8.3. LB MINERALS, Ltd. 8.4. Imerys 8.5. Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH 8.6. Sun Minerals Inc. 8.7. Sibelco 8.8. Micronized Group 8.9. Reade International Corp., 8.10. Micronized South Africa Limited. 9. Global Feldspar Market– Appendix 9.1. Sources 9.2. List of Tables 9.3. Expert Panel Validation 9.4. Disclaimer 9.5. Contact Us

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