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Global Graphite Electrodes Market 2018-2025

The Global Graphite Electrodes Market was valued at USD XX billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD XX billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of XX% from 2018 to 2024. Graphite electrodes are an important input for electric arc steel-making and ladle refinement of steel. Graphite electrodes provide high electrical conductivity and are capable of sustaining high levels of generated heat. According to the data revealed by the World Steel Association, 1630 million tons of crude steel was produced in 2016. Moreover, the moving trend of steel manufacturers towards manufacturing steel via electric arc furnace (EAF) over the blast furnace is a prime determinant driving the market growth. Market Dynamics: The global graphite electrodes market has observed significant growth in recent years owing to a shift in steel manufacturing toward electric arc furnaces. The growing demand for high-quality steel is a key factor driving the market growth in the forecast period. Rapid industrialization and urbanization is creating an ample opportunity for the growth of the global graphite electrode market in developed and developing nations. The changing trend of steel manufacturers towards manufacturing steel using an electric arc furnace and ladle furnace over the blast furnace is a prime determinant driving the market growth. According to the US Geological Survey, the percentage of electric arc furnace steel production in the US is increased to 68% in 2017 compared to 60.6% in 2013. The growing demand-supply gap and fluctuating raw materials prices might hamper the market potential for growth. Graphite electrode prices have jumped almost five times in 2017 owing to of the rising Chinese electrode consumption and restricted exports. EAF steel manufacturing is gaining popularity worldwide, and Needle Coke prices are soaring four times from early 2017 levels. Moreover, the consolidation in the graphite electrode industry is anticipated to increase the bargaining power of the supplier. The consolidation might disrupt the price equilibrium of the market and prices might soar in the near future. Owing to overcapacity in the Graphite Electrode industry, six plants in the USA and Europe had to be closed down over the last three to four years reducing the Electrode capacity by around 200,000 MT. Market Segmentation: The global graphite electrode market is segmented on the basis of type and application. By type, the market is further segmented as Regular Power (RP), High Power (HP), and Ultra-High Power (UHP) electrodes. Based on the application, the Graphite electrode market is segmented into Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), and Ladle Furnace (LF). Graphite electrodes provide excellent thermal resistance and high current carrying capacity which makes them a suitable choice in electric arc furnaces steel for refinement of steel. Besides steel smelting, graphite electrodes are also used for electrolytic aluminum smelting and electrical discharge machining (EDM). The development of non-steel applications of the graphite electrode is also anticipated to provide an opportunity for market growth over the forecast period. By type the UHP electrodes dominate the market owing to their high-temperature resistance and low electrical resistivity. The UHP electrodes are impregnated with a special pitch in the furnace to increase their strength and density. By Geography Geographically, the global market has been segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. The Asia Pacific is estimated to be the largest region and is likely to witness the highest growth over the years owing to increased consumption of countries such as China and India. China is the world’s largest graphite electrode producer in 2017. It produced 780,000 metric tons of the metal, the same amount it produced the previous two years. According to the US Geological Survey, China accounted for approximately 65% of world graphite mining in 2016, and 35% of consumption. Furthermore, India is also a major producer of graphite electrode, backing around 22% to the global production. Apart from GIL, which has 98,000-tonne capacity, HEG is the other large producer from India, manufacturing 80,000-tonne per year.   Competitive Landscape Mergers and acquisitions is the most prominent trends in this business. Market giants are opting for mergers and acquisitions to widen product portfolio, meet quality standards, and capacity upgrades as part of growth strategies. In 2016, a Japan-based market giant, Showa Denko K.K acquired Germany based SGL Group at an estimated value of 400 million USD. The acquisition was directed with an aim to expand business reach in the US, Europe, and Japan, along with the reduction in fixed costs and integration of supply chain. Also, Tokai Carbon Co. Ltd. also acquired the US graphite electrode business of SGL Group, as a decision taken by the US antitrust regulators. Tokai Carbon Co., Ltd. acquired SGL GE’s U.S. business to set up a manufacturing base in North America, to increase the company's presence in a prominent region of the graphite electrode market. The move is expected to help Tokai build a solid business base as a global competitor, supported by a multi-regional structure consisting of bases in Asia, Europe, and North America.

1. SCOPE AND METHODOLOGY 1.1. Research Methodology 1.2. Scope of the market 2. TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTS 2.1. Key Market Trends and Developments 3. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 3.1. Drivers 3.2. Restraints 3.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 4. SEGMENTATION BY PRODUCT 4.1. BY TYPE 4.1.1. Regular Power(RP) 4.1.2. High Power(HP) 4.1.3. Ultra-High Power(UHP) 4.2. BY APPLICATION 4.2.1. Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) 4.2.2. Ladle Furnace (LF) 4.2.3. Others 5. – BY GEOGRAPHY 5.1. Geographic Overview 5.2. North America 5.2.1. U.S. 5.2.2. Mexico 5.2.3. Canada 5.3. Europe 5.3.1. Germany 5.3.2. U.K. 5.3.3. France 5.3.4. Rest of Europe 5.4. South America 5.4.1. Brazil 5.4.2. Argentina 5.4.3. Rest of South America 5.5. Asia Pacific 5.5.1. China 5.5.2. India 5.5.3. Japan 5.5.4. Rest of Asia Pacific 5.6. Rest of world 6. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE 6.1. Competitive Scenario 6.2. Key Strategies adopted by Manufacturers 6.3. Product Benchmarking 7. COMPANY PROFILES 7.1. GrafTech International 7.2. Graphite India Limited 7.3. Nippon Carbon Co., Ltd 7.4. Tokai Carbon 7.5. HEG Ltd. 7.6. Kaifeng Carbon Co., Ltd 7.7. Jilin Carbon 7.8. Showa Denko K.K. 7.9. SGL Carbon 7.10. Nantong Yangzi Carbon 8. APPENDIX 8.1. Sources 8.2. List of Tables 8.3. Expert Panel Validation 8.4. Disclaimer 8.5. Contact Us

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