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Global Collaborative Robots Market Research 2011- 2022
  • 06/04/2017
  • Pages : 67

Summary Collaborative robots, or cobots as they are known to the cognoscenti, are robots that are designed to operate collaboratively with humans. Packaging applications are limited mainly by imagination. Currently they are in use for lightweight operations (like placing products in trays or cases) to heavy duty applications (such as depalletizing and palletizing). The Global Collaborative Robots market is estimated to reach 559.8 Million USD in 2017. On the basis of region, Europe is the large

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Global Rehabilitation Robots Market Research 2011- 2022
  • 05/22/2017
  • Pages : 76

Summary Rehabilitation Robotics is an inter-disciplinary research group focused on improving quality of life through robotics and technology. The rehabilitation robot is used in the process for improving the ability of persons with disabilities to achieve optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological, as well as social functioning levels. The Global Rehabilitation Robots market is estimated to reach 206.7 Million USD in 2017. On the basis of region, North America is the largest market s

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Global Logistics Robots Market 2012- 2022
  • 04/01/2017
  • Pages : 79

Summary Based on products type, the report describes major products type share of regional market. Products mentioned as follows: By Type Picking Robots AGVs Based on region, the report describes major regions market by vendor, products and Application. Regions mentioned as follows: Europe North America China Korea & Japan Based on Application, the report describes major Application share of regional market. Application mentioned as follows: Warehouse Outdoor Le

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