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Local Search Market in India 2011
  • 06/27/2011
  • Pages : 32

Local search market in India is a common platform for advertising used by business entities. It has an offline and an online category. Local search space provides a platform to the small and medium scale enterprises to advertise with regards to their products and services through local search engines and print directories such as yellow pages. The report begins with the market overview section which discusses the online segment of the local search market in India. It depicts the search marketin

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Online Advertising Market in India 2011
  • 06/27/2011
  • Pages : 30

Advertising has become one of the core functions for corporates in the current market scenario. Consumers are rapidly becoming more aware about brand differentiations which make it very important for the companies to choose the right mechanism to create the appropriate buzz for their products. Advertisements have been existent in various forms such as print, radio, outdoor, TV etc. However, the current most popular form is internet advertising that has caught the eye of large number of consumers

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Online and Offline Classifieds Market in India 2011
  • 06/27/2011
  • Pages : 40

The Online and Offline Classifieds Market in India has been growing consistently and has huge potential to grow in the near future, especially the online segment which is growing at a faster pace. The online classifieds market was valued at INR 10.3 bn in 2010 while offline classifieds accounted for INR 12.4 bn. Increasing internet penetration and growth in online advertising will help the online segment to grow further and outperform offline classifieds by 2012. The report begins with a marke

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Telecom Market in China 2011
  • 05/20/2011
  • Pages : 25

Telecom market in China is expected to see huge growth in the future. Rising demand for communication service supported by economic development along with major development in technology (such as 3G and 4G) will boost the demand for telecommunication services in China. The report begins with an introduction to the telecom industry in China indicating its structure and timeline of its development. It then discusses the various telecom services available in China such as fixed line telephone, mob

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Netbook Market in India 2011
  • 01/18/2011
  • Pages : 28

The netbook sales in India have been growing strongly with major demand from the home segment. Personal computer market is expected to grow as the economy is recovering from the recession. The newest addition to this consumer product group is notebooks and netbooks. However, it has been seen that there is no clear demarcation between inexpensive notebook and netbook as an upgraded version of a netbook is marketed as a notebook. Requirements for greater mobility along with the demand for low cost

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